4th of July Recap

6 Jul

We had a low-key 4th of July. Joaquin is learning new words so quickly, and it’s fun to listen to him.

We copied Martha Stewart’s idea, but the cookies obviously didn’t look as nice (we didn’t use her recipes).

As soon as Joaquin saw the cookies, his face lit up.

Since it was a hot day and we don’t have a pool, we turned on the sprinklers. Joaquin was able to talk Grammy into jumping over the sprinkler. As she was jumping over it, she said, “Oh, shut up,” in response to a comment about the possibilty of her falling. Joaquin heard her, and began yelling “aw sha” every time he ran through the sprinkler. We expect that he’ll learn his first bad word from Grammy… :)

After dinner and more dessert, we began setting off fireworks. Joaquin was a bit scared, but he tried to not show it.

We were done by 9:30, but our extremely considerate neighbors (haha) were done after 11:30. Temoc reminded me that it’s only one day a year… but he was sound asleep quickly after his head hit the pillow. ;)




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