Maui – Day 7

2 Jun

Since we hadn’t gone out to breakfast, we decided that we finally needed to go. The food was just all right at 808 Bistro. Edible, but not exciting enough to photograph or really want to remember. We went to Kama’ole Beach 2 (right next to the Kama’ole Beach 1 that we tried to go to on the first day). The wind hadn’t picked up, so we could sit on the beach! Amazing…

Notice the windmills?

On a side note, next time you go to the beach on a sunny day, listen to males (of any age). We heard at least four complain about the hot sand and how much it hurts. Not one female complained… Babies… ;)

Once we got a bit too warm, we decided to go back to the lava fields to take pictures. It was amazing the second time around. It just seems so unreal!

We stopped at a place called Chocalatier. What a joke. They had the fanciest and most ridiculously priced chocolate that we’ve ever seen. This little box was $5 (the chocolates were maybe the size of a quarter). We’ve definitely had better tasting chocolate.

We read about this amazing peanut butter shake at an old diner style restaurant and continued our high calorie day with one. It was worth the hundreds of calories! Yum!

Later that evening we went on a sunset dinner cruise. It was one of those things that I really only need to experience once. A nice couple from Texas sat across from us, which was fabulous because otherwise we could have sat with people well above our age group. ;) The views were amazing.

We ended the evening with another walk through Lahaina… Gathering last minute souvenirs, including postcards. :)


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