Maui – Day 5

31 May

We made our way back to Ka’anapali Beach before it got too busy. Another great start to a beautiful day! We thought we were smart and brought an umbrella, so we didn’t have to endure the sun. However, Jen came out with a ugly and painful sunburn on portions of her legs and arms. Apparently you have to wear sunscreen even when an umbrella is completely covering your body. :/

We decided to check out the northern part of West Maui and got to see how rich people vacation. Someday, right?! (Wrong, I’ll always be frugal!). This part of Maui looks more like Lake Tahoe than Hawaii. We found out Justin Bieber is in Maui, but sadly we didn’t see him. ;)

We decided to keep exploring and stopped at Four Sisters bakery for some treats. Yum! We have been craving malasadas since we visited Kauai. These definitely weren’t as good, but tasted great in their own way.

Next, we visited I’ao Needle. Again, this area of Maui is very different from South Maui, which looks more like a desert. Very green (and cold!). We saw a few different fruits and taro.


Temoc was very excited to look at every fern because he learned about them in plant biology. My cute dorky husband. :)

By this point we were beat, so we drove back to the condo for some relaxation. Very difficult to do on Maui (haha).


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